By Liesa Maria Lettau

Every once in a while I like to travel to Central/South America and as it is the Mekka of Lycra fabrics of all patterns, colors and sparkle of top notch quality. And this time I digged some real gold. Burning Man I'm ready to come and greet the universe and the power of art in a mixture of glossy, holography, prism colored tie dye with diamond shaped glittery textures in a palette of soft pastellic colors ready to enter a dream world of lilac, pink and baby blue.

“I'm a fucking unicorn!” - said Tyler in 'Radicals” and it just got stuck in my head. This is your perfect gear for the summer, open airs, festivals, love – peace – unity.

Also I'm referring to the Cosmic Pineapple parties that take place at Pikes Ibiza for the third years now, and where you will find my booth at the Cosmic Bazaar. If you stop by the White Island on a regular basis you should not forget to visit the party to recharge your creative energy and feel the cosmic power.

Some lack of fortune made it that I only got a limited amount of these materials made from heaven. So the key pieces - besides a limited number of leotards - of this collection are definitely our BRAS: a solution for cutting waste as the cut parts are very small and can be collected from rests of material, producing less garbage and every single piece is unique and special. Together we can change the world!


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