By Liesa Maria Lettau

Queen of the galaxy was my slogan when I created this collection and of course my greatest inspiratin Jane Fonda in “Barbarella”.

Not too many do know this gem of cinematic art, altough in the fashion world it's a well known reference. I'm passionate with 60s/70s Science Fiction: silver, metallic, everything just shines and glitters in a bit of a tacky way.

The colors I used: electric blue – just everybody looks good in it, metallic copper – an homaage to Jane (her hair!), glittery baby pink for baby girls and an holographic fabric that the retailer describes as “galaxy disco black”. Using metal items that refer to 70s Austin Powers style and super nova glittery “ready for the festival season” Lycras. Some mesh pieces in rocking red update everything to present rave culture.


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