By Lizzy

HURRAY! HURRAY! The new collection is online and available now! And we are ready to start the Holiday Season with a bang!

Discover our new simple yet edgy and sexy sleek looks. Our model Giorgia showed how to rock our fresh styles with class and coolness.

Wear our new long sleeved versions of AUSTIN and BAYWATCH with a chic Marlene Pants to X-Mas dinner with family or friends. Or be the baddest at your New Years Boom in our new ultra sexy shapes.

Another great thing: Until the end of the year there will be a 40% discount on older items. Check it out here.

Timo Frank is the master of showing our creations in the right light.


- We added a bunch of new fabrics with glitzy colors and graphical prints. Choose the “Fantasy” option for your BARBARELLA Body and we will choose a magical match for your main color.

- Choose the color of fringes for your V BODY – or choose no fringes at all.

- New payment methods: You can now make convenient payments with Credit Card. Other methods: PayPal and Giro Pay.

- Return Policy: Send back items FOR FREE!

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