By Lizzy

“Ich bin ein Berliner” - “Really? I think I've never met one before!” Yes, it's really true. And yes, I get that a lot. Aaand, honestly, I really don't like to boast about it a lot... but today I have to, because Lettau l|. Art Fashion is launching a new collection as an homage to their urban roots.

Born in the heart of Prenzlauerberg (Kastanienallee!) and attending high school in Friedrichshain and Mitte I've really been right in the middle of the buzz, craziness and dynamic change of the city for almost three full decades. I've seen the cultural and the night life evolving and accelerating long before I reached majority and quite before most people had ever entered this Mecca of hedonism.

People come for the most various reasons to the capital of Germany and those who stay her most likely do it for the vibrant social and night life. I've seen some people loosing themselves and their soul in drugs and dubious affairs, loosing jobs or relationships they left behind, or never really getting to start the studies they came for. Chasing illusions of an exciting splendid day-to-day life in questionable career paths. There have been artist with quite some potential loosing focus in the mob of local club scene, the grand and most colourful and charming socialite might be found lonely, depressed and disillusioned just a few months after you've seen him buzzing around the club.

As discouraging this might sound there have also been a bunch of people making it through the struggles of house hunting, Friday night FOMO, (half) illegal side incomes and a surplus of sex, drugs and Techno. They built themselves a well balanced life self-determined existence amongst the joy of urbanity and long lasting friends, unfolding unknown potential they might never have reached in their home town and countries.

Weather you just arrived or are here since a while already – thugging or happy dou wap wap – or if you are just about to leave to make a better try somewhere else in the world... You've got to agree that there's something about Berlin that may change your view and makes you feel alive (even if it's just for short).

Having thought about that, I found it might be a good moment to swag and return to the cool and urban street chic of my city with a new and exclusive collection. Slaying in jogging pants is the speciality of Berlins street warrior princesses. Mixing Goth with Hip Hop styles and sleek silouettes with bulky shoes. Black with neon, snake print and camouflage. It's not about being pretty – it's being edgy and unusual. A slice of Heroin chic meets yoga obsession and vegan life style.

Send an email to HELLO@LETTAUFASHION.DE to reserve your favourite piece now! - Be quick, since some are already taken!

Photo Credits:

Sheerin Antieve (photographer)

Yuichiro Kamei (MUA)

Sophie Mars (model)

Lettau l|. Art Fashion (styling)

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