By Lizzy Lettau

New Year - new collection, right? Today I am taking you on a shopping tour with me: Welcome to San Ramon, Costa Rica.

Let me first tell you the story behind all this. 2017, October, I had my booth at the Cosmic Pineapple Bazaar at Pikes, Ibiza. Wandering around some other stands to find the perfect birthday gift for my boyfriend, I came across this girl, Charlotte Archer, who makes beautiful mandala paintings in divine colors. She is also having a brand of cute bikinis and swimwear on her own, called Chali Bikini. Checking through her stuff I had to ask if she has a permanent supplier for one of the fabrics she used, as I was was looking for something like it for a long time.

And here comes the big news: She said "Oh yeah, I'm getting it from a small town in Costa Rica, San Ramon." - I was like "No Shit!" First, my boyfriend is from Costa Rica, second, his family IS from San Ramon, and third I am spending one month of the wither there every year! Yes, that's right! Magic? Destiny? Or wonderful coincidence? Doesn't matter: Lucky I am.

That was last year and you may remember, I brought some hot stuff with me - well, this year is gonna be even hotter! The fabrics I buy in Costa Rica are not produced there. They usually come from the "Core Bikini Countries" of Latin America, naming it: Colombia and Brazil. This year my favorite shop also got a new supplier from the United States, who are well known to be providers for top notch sparkles.

You can be curious about what will happen and which new cuts will be created over the next weeks. Much of it can be followed on my Instagram. And if you see an absolute must have color for yourself already in the picture above, please don't hesitate to email of PM me on Social Media. (Some fabrics where only available in smaller amounts!)

Looking forward to your reactions!


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