By Lizzy

Hey Unicorns and Cyberpunks! Where you looking to add a little bit of Rock 'n' Roll to your upcoming summer? No worries. The new Lettau l|. Art Fashion collection will get you fixed.

We got some bad arse fabrics from Costa Rica and the States for you, and we'll have things pimped with a little bit of punky attitude, good american classics and an extraterrestrial third eye. What does that mean? Let's say, the motto is: Johnny Ramone Grimes love affair... London Calling in Fantasia Land... - Or so. Pastellic colors and edgy shapes, sleek classics in punkish patterns.

The stylistically infatuating young talent Paula Nietner, honored us to shoot our spring and summer collection for 2019, which will be available from April. Elisa Sankowsky applied some beautiful colors on model Micayla's face, who I met on one of our COSMIC parties and eventually asked her to model for me. A radiant natural, who delivered quickly and made things easy for us today!

With this team – including our new intern and upcycling specialist Sheerin and of course Mopsi – it was save to become a fun and stress free day at the studios of Best Sabel Design School in Berlin Köpenick, and we went out with a very satisfactory set of pictures, that I can't wait to present to you on April 1st, when the new collection is going to be available in shops and online. – Rock on ponies!

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