A short fantasy by Liesa Maria Lettau

Take the train up North from the city and leave the buzz of Berlin for a couple of days. The Summers of Brandenburg are fresh and earthy.

At a well tempered twenty-two degrees you may ride your bike alongside the rapeseed fields and alleys of fruit bearing cherry trees. You’ll take a turn at the old oak and trail off into the forest. Pick a bouquet of tender flowers in shades of red, yellow and lilac blue. Nibble some blue berries and raspberries that are growing all along the path. If you are early you may find some mushrooms.

Finally you are arriving at a deep blue and greening lake. It’s lonely and you are the only person out here. The water is cold – but if you are brave enough to get inside you will feel beyond rewarded.

It’s a subtle landscape. Not as colorful and poppy as the south. The fruits, and flowers and animals out here are shy and of a paler tone. So may be your thoughts and days: relaxed, meditative and clear.

And yet there is a mystery about this landscape. A hidden fantasy, a fairy tale kind of vibe. Wolfgang Skroch will bring you closer towards that mysticism. Below the surface of this greening wetness there is a world on its own. You may spot a giant brown catfish hiding under sunken tree. It's not a pretty sight, and a bit scary, too. There is a jungle of bright green tendrils and carpets of tiny shards of shells. Big mossy rocks and ruined trees.

We came out here to see if we could find some mermaids. We’ve been successful – and have returned to the city with a calm and blissful feeling.

Photos: Wolfgang Skroch

Model: Sophie Mars

Fashion: Lettau Art Fashion