By Liesa Maria Lettau

(The interview was taken on March 10th before events due to Covid-19)

Hi Eva, thank you for modeling the new collection Spring Summer 2020 for Lettau l|. Art Fashion! Hard facts first: You are 20 years old, born in Croatia, currently studying at Oxford Brookes University in England and being a dancer whenever you can. Did I miss something?

I think that describes me well enough. Because of my job, I live on relation Oxford-London which is both exciting and exhausting – balancing university life with party life.

Tell me about your summer plans for Ibiza. It’s your first season on the island...

Uh, the current plan is to go there as soon as I finish my exams and hopefully find a job as a podium dancer in one of the clubs. I’ve heard a lot about the island and I can’t wait to finally go and explore it. I just want to fully enjoy the summer, which for me includes dancing, sun, sea, and excellent parties.

When did you become a dancer and what was your motivation?

It’s been around two and half years now since I’ve been working as a dancer. I guess you can say I started pretty early, I was 18 years old and still in high school. I’ve always enjoyed clubbing and night life. I remember going to clubs and festivals and seeing dancers there. I was mesmerized by them – the hair, the makeup, and the costumes. It all seemed so glittery and fun.

A few years later, podium dancing kind of found me. The first time I was on stage I knew that is something I want to do – and that motivates me every day. Being able to dance and express my self – and being able to pay my bills?! I think it’s the most amazing thing ever!

We met in London and now in Berlin. What’s best of both cities?

London is vibrant, there is always something going on. I love the architecture – especially the mix of old and modern buildings. I feel like you can be there for years and still discover new places.

What I think is the best of Berlin is definitely the people. The city is a lot more relaxed than London and you can really feel that. People are generally nicer and the party life is just on a different level in Berlin – I feel that London doesn’t even compare. Plus, Berlin is lot cheaper.

Back to our photo shoot: The collection is inspired by Ibiza night life and mega clubs of the Disco Age. How did you feel modeling? What was your vibe?

The shoot felt really good. Everyone was relaxed and the set felt really comfortable. I feel my vibe as a model is usually a bit dark and gloomy so I was a bit nervous to model something more bright and fun. However, the pieces were amazing and I truly felt like exploring a new side of myself on the set. I can’t wait to wear the collection this summer in Ibiza!

Tell me about working with photographer Timo Frank.

Timo was great! He was extremely nice and made the set feel comfortable. Our chemistry was awesome. He knew how to direct the shoot and help me with posing. He wasn’t pushy to get to job done as soon as possible and took time with each look. I really appreciate it. I think we made a good team. I hope he enjoyed working with me as much as I did with him.

Which outfit did you like the most and how would you style it as a complete look?

First of all, the outfits were amazing, which made it so hard to choose only one after the shoot. I ended up choosing the white cycling shorts with matching white top. I love how bright and fun the fabric is – something that is going to look cool for both day and night parties in Ibiza. It is also super stretchy, making it ideal for dancing.

I would complete the look with some fishnets, chunky boots, and some colorful makeup – like bright pink eye shadow or lipstick.

Thanks for the interview!