By Liesa Maria Lettau

Hi Luna, thank you for being our model. The hard facts first: Who are you, where are you from?

My name is Luna Escobar and I was born in a small city called Popayan in Colombia.

When did you come to Berlin and why?

I moved to Berlin end of 2018. After living in the UK for more than 10 years I wanted to explore something new, learn a new language and settle in a more calm place. Berlin had everything I wanted, live music, easy access to green areas and nature, lakes, cool buildings and a very vibrant atmosphere. I felt like I could find a lot of the things I loved about London in a smaller, and also more affordable place.

What do you like the most about Berlin?

It's too hard to choose only one thing.

The new Lettau l|. Spring Summer collection is all about upcycling and no waste production. You have a YouTube channel on healthy and sustainable living. What a great match. What sparked your interest in the topic?

Living and working in London showed me the crazy side of consumerism. We live in a world where we are creating a lot of waste, eating more than we should, and buying more than we need.

I care a lot about the environment and I wanted to start talking more about this subject and hopefully inspired people to change their habits. I believe that thinking green and environmentally friendly automatically changes the way we consume products.

And I think caring about the environment is as important as caring about our health.

How did you become a health coach and personal trainer?

My life in London wasn't easy and my physical and mental health was never on point. I started researching the impact of exercising and diet to improve my general health. Little by little I got more invested in the topic. Then I realized I could study something that will help other people to improve their well-being.

In your videos you talk about foods that cause anxiety, responsible drinking and tips for a home office routine. What’s your biggest advice for people - especially during lockdown?

My initial and most important advice is to ask yourself, and the people in your life, how important health really is. When we realize that our health is one of the most precious things we have - that's when we start taking action about changing habits in order to improve our mental and physical health.

I think the connection with nature, a well balanced diet and good sleeping patterns are the best medicine. It can help to tackle anxiety and listlessness during lockdown.

Back to our photoshoot. What was your favorite outfit? What did you love about it?

My favorite outfit was the Berlinkini Two - the one with the turtle neck and big cutout in the back. I love how just one piece of clothing can shape your body and get you fully dressed without much thinking. I like the patterns of the fabrics and the very unique design.

Could you say something about the shoot and the photographer Timo Frank?

I really enjoyed the shoot, the location and the dynamic with the photographer. I am not a professional model and I tend to be a bit shy - but working with the right people and feeling comfortable is always a plus. I admire Timos work, and I feel privileged I had the chance to work with him.

What would be the best occasion for you to wear a Lettau bodysuit and how would you style it?

the best occasion for me is definitely a music festival or any kind of outdoor summer event. I would style it with my favorite comfortable trainers or boots.

What is your typical Friday evening?

Hmmm, this is an interesting question. Before or after Corona?

I'd say at the moment I am focused on work - so I spend my Friday evenings working, occasionally I meet with one or two friends to cook dinner and discuss the World Covid Situation.