By Liesa Maria Lettau, Translation: Sophie Mars


Hi Lisa, I was super excited to have you as the new face of Lettau l|. Art Fashion’s Fall/Winter Collection 2021! Tell me a little about yourself: Where are you from? How long have you been in Berlin and what do you do when we aren’t convincing you to model for us?

I’m originally from West Germany, from a little village near the Dutch border. I’ve been living here for five years and would now call Berlin my home. I started studying design this year, so in my free time I like to be out and about with my camera. Apart from that I spend a lot of time with friends or with my ballroom family.

In our collaboration we felt your strong Voguing influence. How did you get involved in that world and what do you love about it?

First of all it's a privilege for me as a white woman to be a part of the Ballroom scene which is originally from an African-American and Latin American LGBTQ subculture that originated in New York City. Last year in December I was in a bar with friends and there was a small ‘Kiki Ball’. I watched and spontaneously thought, I can do that, too. I felt so inspired, I was immediately addicted to that feeling and the whole atmosphere. From then on I often went to balls and met more and more people from the Ballroom scene, including my current ballroom family.

Amazing! I'm happy to hear you found your tribe here. it must be so inspiring to be involved in the scene.

It’s so beautiful to have them here in Berlin, we motivate each other, train together and look after each other. On Halloween we even organized our own first Kiki Ball, only small of course and only among ourselves. What I love most about it is reinventing myself again and again through the outfits that I make myself. I love inventing characters and playing with them. I think I love it when people can’t quite grasp who I am and are surprised by me each time.

A propos Halloween: You created the character of ‘Violet’. Who is Violet and what is she doing in your kitchen?

Yes, Halloween is super important for me. This year I created the birth of purity and evil, so my dark twin sister Violet came to life. I built a storyline around the character at the beginning of October and named myself Violet for the whole month. I wore a violet wig and violet gloves, that's how she became Violet. After Halloween I couldn't let her go so I decided to dress up a mannequin and placed her in my kitchen.

Can you tell me a little about your photo projects?

Right now I am planning my first exhibition "The Secrets of my Inner Child". It deals with

intense experiences from my teenage years which I think still have a big influence on my

daily life. Through the art I am trying to make my inner peace with old traumas and move

forward. I think it is important to give your past a new value to be able to grow from it. As

I’ve never had an exhibition before I am beyond excited for this.

Back to our photo shoot. What is your favorite Lettau l|. Art Fashion photo and/or outfit? What do you love about it?

I especially love the velvet designs, especially the grey two piece one which I now have in my wardrobe. I love the feeling of velvet on the skin. It is incredibly comfortable to wear. I also love how velvet always creates this elegant feeling. It is simply chic and currently my favorite outfit for going out. At the same time it’s so comfy I just want to wear it all day.

Would you like to say something about the shoot and the photographer Timo Frank?

I don’t see myself as a model so I was a little nervous at the beginning. But then I met you guys and just had a great time. Timo gave me good vibes, I felt comfortable in front of the camera and just had fun.

When would be the best occasion for you to wear a Lettau bodysuit and how would you style it?

To a ball of course! I have a space cowgirl fantasy: A grey shiny body with a pink fur coat and a white cowboy hat with rhinestones hanging off it like fringes, maybe silver hoop earrings, high platform shoes and an edible candy chain.