By Liesa Maria Lettau

Ohh, bloody 2020 – you forced us all to rethink our life. Good so! The new Lettau l|. Art Fashion collection extends our legacy and brings you a cozy new style for the cozy season with soft and hard lockdown happening all over the globe. Soft and Hard is also the motto of the new collection. Ever added some fluffy velvet to your movie night with hot chocolate, bestie or boyfriend? Well, I recommend – extra cuddles guaranteed. If softness is not your thing even during quarantine, if you like to play hard even if night clubs are not open – enhance your kitchen cocktail happening with our sleek and shiny catsuits and combos. No need for KitKat to be kinky (even though we miss it, no doubt).

One November evening in wild wild Wedding we met to capture the Soft and Hard Collection FW20/21. Darkness came early and I was tired from endless sewing during the past days. I had organized all the outfits and accessoires and Timo Frank had set up the lights and setting for the photo shoot, as usual. Then Lisa Wild arrived, our model. I was looking forward to finally meet her, after she had turned us down for a shoot two years ago. What a ray of energy was entering the room. Lisa gave me a big hug and thanked be for being there. Then we where ready to start.

I am always a bit nervous when working with a model (or personality) and usually get very excited and satisfied throughout the process, but this time I was extra thrilled. A tiny woman of 1.58 meters standing there and striking one pose after another, voguing the house down and finally faking a death drop on the setting. How delightful! I was reminded of a young Michelle Visage – especially when Lisa was styled with her natural dark hair. When we put on the sleek pastel pink wig though she transformed into the glittery queen of Barcelona: musician and singer Bad Gyal.

A propos Bling Bling – for the collection I collaborated with my good old friend and costume artist Rudi Scharff to create some drop dead jewelry pieces to spark up your party moments in 2021. Get ready for all that glitters. Chosen items are strictly limited!