By Liesa Maria Lettau

Translation: Sophie Merrison Thieme


I recently remarked that you have the most entertaining Instagram account of all times. You are just so full of ideas. Why do you think you’re like that?

Haha, thanks, I’m glad you like it. I’m sure I could write a whole essay about that.

What is currently the biggest influence on your creative practice?

Marketing. Communication. Creating value. Learning how to deal with ego – my own and that of other people. In one word: fashion.

2020 – what can we expect of you this coming year (decade)?

I will be travelling a lot in Asia, where I’ll be drawing and selling – both on the street and online, calling the whole experience “Living my Dream 360° Heiner Radau” and publishing it.

You recently spoke on your Instagram channel about „negativity on social media“. That post really affected me. You are one of the most honest people I know…

Oh…wow. Ok. Thank you for that feedback! There were barely any comments under that post, so I didn’t know if it was completely out of place on Instagram? This caused me to doubt myself again… honesty also scares people. There are so many topics we don’t like to talk about, preferring to hide behind a mask. But I don’t want to feel ashamed of anything so I just show everything I think and feel. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be honest all the time? Everything would be so much easier.

You currently live in Brandenburg. How do you like it there and do you want to come back to Berlin at any point?

The countryside is more of a base for me, my point of departure for exploring the world. Berlin doesn’t have to happen again at the moment, the world is big!

You travelled a lot lately. You had exhibitions in Brussels and Basel, and you were in Valencia. Where will you go next?

Vietnam. I booked a one-way ticket only. You’ll see the rest on Instagram. Thank you for the interview.