By Sheerin Antieve and Liesa Maria Lettau

Did you miss our fresh wardrobe tips for your dope Lettau l|. Art Fashion items already? I for sure did. Sheerin Antieve took the last week to get out with her girls again and get some fun pics in the hood of Neukölln and above the roofs of Berlin City. They even managed to capture some sunshine. But let’s get straight to the point:

Here are our latest style goals featuring our brand new collection.

Did you actually hear about 2K? I’m not talking about followers on Instagram or Twitter. This fashion movement is pushing the trend yet again to the next decade. Featuring hot – and eventually still perceived as ‘tacky’ – items from the millennium decade. Future style, transparent sunglasses in poppy colors, neon, tribal patterns, bandanas, Buffalo’s and of course the ‘it bag’ entered the scene in that time. They remind us of Destiny’s Child, the Love Parade and Hip Hop and R’n’B conquering the main stream.

Mary (first) is wearing our BRA TOP in shiny colors with a very low waist jeans that perfectly show cases her tribal tattoos and bally button piercing. The look completes with cute golden jewelry and a ‘saddle bag’ style shoulder bag. Sheerin is sporting our AUSTIN Bodysuit with low baggie pants, a white hoodie with matching Buffalo’s and a snake print head scarf tied in pirate style. Get on your Aaliyah – this outfit combines class and street credibility!

Back to the roots. Hip Hop belongs on the streets – and these looks will remind you of the early days! Caro (above) is wearing a black leather mini skirt with our Paisley patterned bodysuit IBIZA – a simple look that’s always fresh but has it’s roots in the 90s.

Leo (above) is crushing it with a timeless classic that can’t be taken off the streets since nearly 20 years. What would be Hip Hop and Street Style without the three stripes? These ADIDAS pants in red match perfectly our PEBBLES TOP in an abstract red-and-black pattern. This look is iconic.

Where the bad bitches at? Girls need to be their own boss, right? So what are you waiting for? Let’s slay! Varnish and leather are just perfect to achieve self-actualization and step up on that lady level. Sheerin (above) keeps it low key and very sleek. Black fake leather and a chic blazer are goals here. Purple varnish boots and a plush hat give the look a fresh touch. For Caro (below) a striking red varnish coat dominates the look. The golden Lettau l|. top and white pants make it look bougie and posh.

Okay let’s move back one more time to our 2K look. For sure you remember all the boys running around school in pants hanging as low as it gets, exposing their sometimes more and sometimes less stylish underwear. Baggie pants where definitely the shit in the 2000ers.

Lettau l|. leotards and tops are definitely a great match – contrasting boy style with super sexy and skin tight cuts. Leo is striking the look with a snake touch BRA TOP and crochet cap, one time – and the other with a BARBARELLA tankini in neon colors exposing the pantie part of this piece. Hot and girly – got to love it!

By the way: These bomb items will be available at Pink Cadillac Berlin from Tuesday next week. Single items! Grab them before anybody else does.

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