By Sheerin Antieve

Since the beginning of this year we are asking you: How do you wear your favorite Lettau l|. item? Sheerin Antieve went out to capture some of the most vibrant looks right now. A style diary guiding you through the different sub cultures and occasions.

1. Caro wears KIM Top and BETTY bottoms in color Stage Red. The black buckled pants with a red print pattern transform this combo into a super hot fit for clubbing. Caro is totally into hip hop and techno, but she prefers techno events. She brings so much confidence to this look! She looks ready for any party in this outfit.

2. Galaxy Black and White BAYWATCH Body. Lisa looks chic elegant and strong. The sparkling body has one side in a leather touch white fabric and the other in Galaxy Black. Worn with this shimmering silk blazer and black dress pants this piece embodies absolute elegance.

3. Neonpink Tie Dye Body ITALY. Hip hop artist Yung Baecon in a techno festival vibe. She will definitely go hard in this look. The benefit: you can use this pink bodysuit as well as a swimsuit. So no worries if you fall into the pool at a swell pool party or feel like taking a dip in a lake.

4. Caro wears PEBBLES Top and BETTY panties with little blue stars (color: Stars and Stripes). Britney Spears for ever! We where listening to the “Circus” Album when making these pictures. Combined with light blue jeans this two piece fits perfectly for the girly street wear look. Best choice for a sunny shopping day or a hang out in the park with friends.

5. Makhosa looks very feminine in this long sleeved BRA Top in white and glittery purple. She proves that Lettau l|. can be worn at any casual occasion, like here, in Körner Park Neukölln on a lovely sunny day.

6. AUSTIN Body in multicolored Camouflage. Yung Baecon in hip hop grunge mood. The combo with loose khaki style pants and some statement jewelry pieces is a nice fit for a Trap party. For a rap artist like Yung Beacon this is a perfect daily street style, too.

7. Fancy V TOP in metallic animal print (color: Animal Rainbow). Makhosa is a confident and bold young girl from the neighborhood. She likes to hang out with her girls and keeps it very cool in her chic street wear look, combining light blue dress pants with a casual oversize blazer coat, sportive crop top and accessories. Matches her style perfectly.

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