By Liesa Maria Lettau

Keran Look Loy was born on a October 27th under the Sign of Scorpio. When graduating from university he found himself unemployed several months finding a haven in creating audio mixes that he published on YouTube and other digital channels and due to his passion and inspiration the “Scorpio Jin” brand was born to provide top quality progressive and deep house mixes to a listening audience in Asia, Europe and parts of the U.S. on a monthly basis.

After one year of building a steady following on YouTube and SoundCloud he also started to become deeply intersted in visiual arts that would form a highly sensual symbiosis with his deeply transcendent audio mixes, collaborating with various video artists and experimenting to create high quality content. Ant there a new passion that went more and more into the world of fashion and beauty was born.

Cover of 22nd Issue of "Scorpio Jin Magazine"

When he moved to Miami in 2014, he removed “Scorpio Jin” as his alias, and instead founded a web platform to promote upcoming photographers and house music producers under it's name. In September 2015 he launched Scorpio Jin Magazine – an inspiring hundred pages source of top fashion and beauty photography featuring artists from all over the world.

Cool thing to be part of! - I thought when few weeks ago Berlin based stylist Lana Shuganova texted me an editorial, she shot with the amazing upcoming photographer Alain Egues, and featuring some of my designs would be published there.

Photo: Alain Egues

Model: Kathi Striga (Viva Models Berlin)

Hair and Make Up: Miriam Jochims (Blossom Management)

Styling: Lana Shuganova

Clothes: Lettau I|. Art Fashion, Perlensäue, House of Danae

Full of exitement (as I was never published in the states before!) I ordered a printed copy of the “Femme Fatale” 22nd issue of “Scorpio Jin Magazine” on MagCloud, and after scrolling rapidly through the digital version (which comes free with it) I can truly recommend it! Given you are one of these who love to skip through the magazines, getting inspired and dreamy about the art of face paint and textiles flowing around or defining body shapes. - Like me!

You can read more about Scorpio Jin on their website www.scorpiojin.com or buy copies of the latest issues here. (Mine is on it's way over the ocean right now!)

Follow the edgy works of Lana Shuganova and Alain Egues on their Instagram and of course, if you want to read more about what's going on an what inspires me at the moment subscribe to our Newletter!


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