Interview by Liesa Maria Lettau

Hi Esther! Could you briefly introduce yourself: where are you from? how old are you? what do you do, when you aren’t working as a model?

Hey whats up! I am from Queens, New York and im 23 years old. When I'm not working as a model I am either performing Drag being someone's back up dancer and beginning my studies in coding.

You asked me to be my model. Where did this idea come from? What do you like about being a model?

I stumbled upon your account on Instagram and really admired your fashion style and what it represents “loving feminism and diversity”. I enjoy being a model because I love to tell stories through body movement and to convey a message or emotion in a single pose, I find that quite powerful.

Your Instagram bio says: “Queer bihh who twerks to resist.” That really drew me in. Can you talk a little bit about your sexuality and what female power means to you?

I feel often as a black femme in this society our bodies are over sexualised and up for consumption without our consent, I “twerk to resist” to reclaim my sexuality, heal and to go against the “norm” beauty standards. As for my queerness its also a part of me that gives me strength, My sensuality mostly lies in my queerness, for me queer is to love in a way that isn't stagnant but free. Femme power to me means nurture, love, resilience and being a badass while also looking fierce.

Tell me more about the drag and dance performances you are doing… Where can people see you?

I am with a Drag collective called “House Of Living Colors” that showcases talent from Bpoc trans/ nonbinary queer artists living in Berlin. My Drag persona: “Dancing Queen “Afure” channels their inner hype beast on stage. as an urban dance performer their raw energy and mixture of drag, streetdance, and dope style is guaranteed to hype everyone "unto the dancefloor". You can see me performing with my House through various venues in Berlin, festivals, or walking categories in Berlin's Kiki Balls or also at events or parties where you can book me.

What’s your favorite Lettau l|. Art Fashion photo and/or outfit? What did you feel as a model or what did you want to get across?

During our previous shoot I adored the body suits very much. They are so festive and vibrant. I like how it can compliment anyone's personality and make their confidence pop! And as a model I definitely wanted to get that across.

What would be the best occasion for a Lettau l|. bodysuit and how would you style it?

The best occasion for a Lettau bodysuit would be a music festival, club, or ball. Anywhere there's music and dancing to show off the garment and serve looks. I find it also ideal to perform in. I would pair one of your lovely bodysuits with a crop top jacket in a neutral color and some platform heels with classic hoop earrings.


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