By Lizzy

Today I want to give some props to my favorite Lettau l|. photographer Timo Frank. Sometimes it' shard to find the photographer who really gets your brand message an realizes it in a way it comes across towards your fans and followers. Timo Frank has been such a lucky catch.

From the flashy colors he chooses the set, and that are likewise appreciated when it comes to styling, to mystical light settings that bring a velvet glow to the skin of the model and an intriguing glitz to the clothes.

We met the rather unspectacular way: Some dude liking twenty of my Insta-posts within a mnute, which drew my attention to his profile. When I liked some of his pics I immediately had a pm in my inbox, like: “Hey Liz! Wanna work together?” Usually, I am not easily convinced, when it comes to collaboration offers via social media. In this case I thought I'd give it a shot After a small meeting we quickly decided to do a shoot together.

I love the way with which Timo treats his models: calm, very respectful and giving little instructions that help the model to improve their technique and to deliver that perfect picture. He has a way to make the model really feel comfortable yet curious to try things and trusting to give this confident, sensual and powerful poses.

What I also love is the diversity in the choice of models, the variety of body types, a mix of professional and semi-professional girls with classic beauty to edgy features, that celebrates femininity in a way, that, for me, is perfectly right to voice the parole of Lettau l|. Art Fashion: Sexy – Body conscious – Extroverted.

Check out more on Timos Franks Website www.timofrank.de and Instagram @timofrankberlin and in our Gallery !


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