By Toni Koraca

Liesa Maria Lettau is a woman powerhouse behind the Berlin-based fashion brand Lettau l|. Art Fashion. Her keen sense of body movement results in an electrifying, sparkly style.

It’s admiring to note that she stands behind the whole brand. Singlehandedly, Liesa manages to find the fabric, design pieces, and work with distributors.

Her work is a statement about today’s world of Fast-Paced fashion. Her creations are unique and handmade. The fabrics used in her work are in short supply and ever-changing, thus making these pieces limited.

Liesa Maria Lettau takes her inspiration from the compelling Berlin lifestyle and all of its eccentric show runners.

Liesa, tell us about yourself. What sparked your interest in fashion?

I was always into fashion, your typical Barbie girl. As a child, I started dressing my dolls and making clothes for them. I could say the real push came when I was fifteen. By that time I was already making clothes for myself. Also, I worked as a model besides finishing high school. This made my career in fashion possible.

Can you tell us more about those early days?

When I got into custom tailoring, I was still working as a model. My life at the time was spontaneous and exciting. This led me into trouble and envy with my colleagues. I had to take work related trips all the time. Also, school wasn’t going great. I was always late.

Early days — Editorial shot by Kilian Ullmann with model Sonja Klinge:

What made you start Lettau Art Fashion?

My tailoring apprenticeship was going well. I proved myself to be very talented. But increased pressure from school and arguments with other colleagues led me to quit after only one year. I also felt like I didn’t want to make whoolen costumes and stiff silk dresses for elderly rich ladies — although now I’m grateful for the skills — and I’d rather create for people who like to dance and climb trees. I dipped into my savings account and took some time off to teach myself how to work with the materials I use for creations nowadays. This was the true beginning of Lettau l|. Art Fashion.

What is a typical day in the life of a creator?

My day starts the evening before when I plan the day ahead. Sometimes, I write everything down. In the morning I walk my dog and eat breakfast, then I follow my to-do-list. I usually work until 2:00 PM. Then I get something for lunch. After eating I finish with my list. Then, I move to develop creative ideas I had during morning work. I get most of my inspiration from being in touch with the material.

How do you stay up to date with the latest trends?

I honestly don’t believe in trends. I don’t deny they exist, but they are spinning so fast nowadays that there’s no point in chasing them. As a brand, I thrive to invent my style and capture it differently for every season. Top dressed people are and will be style proof, not trendy boys and girls.

What helps you get into the zone while designing?

That’s funny; I love my mistakes! Screwing up sparks creativity. I came up with the best designs while trying to rescue wrongly cut material.

How do you want women to feel wearing your creations?

I want all women to feel confident about their bodies! When wearing my designs, I hope they’ll reach into their sexy and feminine sides.

What is the essential piece every woman should have in her wardrobe?

I have two favorite pieces. One of them is the BARDOT body. It’s an off shoulder cut. These designs are very flattering for every body type — wearing BARDOT you’ll be ready to take the world by storm. The other one is from the new collection. Body KIM is very airy but still appropriate. I’m not a big fan of weird tan lines around arms, shoulders, and cleavage — spaghetti-straps are perfect for the Summer.

What’s your leading motto?

Get yourself out there. Don’t be afraid of failure and rejection. Go for it. Learn from it.

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Photo Credits:

1) Liesa Maria Lettau was shot by Mark Fernyhough, published in SPLENDID MAGAZINE

2) Sonja Klinge was shot by Kilian Ullman, Hair and Make Up by Deborah Eliza


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