By Liesa Maria Lettau

Love, Peace & Harmony where definitely in the house last Saturday at our studio flat in Berlin Neukölln. Me and my girlfriends Tati and Sophie Mars where making our own version of the Cosmic Pineapple, some sort of a German Cosmic Potato, an intimate and very special happening with our favorite friend performers and artists.

The early evening began with an energizing Yoga session with Coyote Doom.

Empowered and ready for more guests to come the evening could start. I was fascinated with the improviced dance performance of Yun Ju Chen and Po-Nien Wang who looked beautyful in my costumes and definitely stole everybodies breath.

While Jackie Riccio was enchantig the guests in her full flower body suit and enticing them into her flowery tent to foretell their future in tarot sessions, the upstairs area turned into a busy market place with hypnotizing urban prints and fashion by Heiner Radau, Art Prints and Jewelry by Shirin and also my mesmerizing leotards and tops found happy buyers.

Collective painting with Shirin

The evening went on with more performance, art and poetry and after everybody got well fed with delicious vegan food by Joalicious we couldn't help it but dance all night to the fantastical mystical sounds of Mabu Disco (accompanied by visuals by DJ Oblinof Axyxa) until the sun came out and we had to send the last guests home.

Visuals by DJ Oblinof Axyxa

Mabu Disco

The event was joy and success for everybody involved and the next Cosmic Playground will be hold soon! We will keep you posted via newsletter!

Thanks to:

Coyote Doom, Zazu Bulczakos, Lotti Madlyn, Jackie Riccio, Oblinof Axyxa, Joalicious, Heiner Radau, Shirin, Oblinof Axyxa, DYO, Mabu Disco, Zarahlena Van Lunarem, Yun Ju Chen and Po-Nien Wang


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