By Liesa Maria Lettau

The Festival Season is full on now. In the last weeks many girls have got themselves some shiny shiny Lettau l|. outfits for Fusion and Feel or the upcoming Boom, Burning Man, 3000Grad and so on.

Artemiss Collective (Photo: Kleo Schlesi)

Some have already shared their pictures and for me it's just so inspiring to see all your different styling ideas, and to see which accessories, hair, make-up , nails and shoes you are wearing it. What a bliss to know the creativity and attitude you are bringing to my creations! Or my creations are bringing to you ;D

On the front row the Artemiss Collective from Berlin who are touring the festivals to bring some fun and inspiration with their workshops and dance performances. I am happy and honored to support their visual impressions together with Project Glitter and some other admirable Designers.

Artemiss Collective rocking some hot Lettau l|. leotards (Photo: Kleo Schlesi)

Now I am thrilled to see how you rock your Lettau l|. outfit this summer and, if you too are eager to express your style go for it and share your crazy, fancy, beautiful, girly, sexy or imaginative images with us! Tag @lettauartfashion on Instagram or Facebook, and to thank you we will send you a personal voucher of 10€ which can be used in our Online Shop.

Our favorite pictures will be posted on social media, plus we have some special surprises waiting for our chosen ones! It's a secret and I won't tell before its happening... Are you ready to define the dance floor?

Celebrating the sunrise (Photo: Amy)


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