By Liesa Maria Lettau

Let me introduce you to Paula Nietner, and here is why I love Instagram so much. In fact all social media platforms have this talent: you can meet people, get inspired by their work, get in touch with them, and start collaborations the easy way. I guess Paula and I would agree on that, as after I received her email I was just one click away from figuring out that this is exactly the person I want to work with - right now.

The young talent and Best Sabel student came along way when it comes to following her passion. When she was 12 years old her parents gave her a camera. "The classic story: I could not keep my hands off it anymore." It was love at first sight and soon she was visiting courses to enhance her skills and seek more knowledge about the art of photography. The next step was to move to Berlin to fulfill her dream and begin her profession of choice.

On set is Elisa Sankowski, Make up artist, and Kira Sarem, who is helping with the styling today. When Paula plans her shoots she is usually following her own brain wave, then consulting others to add to her concept. The models could be friends, friends of colleagues, sometimes Instagirls. But they definitely bring a whole lot of personality to the set, as they entrust themselves to Paula and her camera. "It definitely helps to already have a thing in common", she says.

When the day is over and the moments are captured, it is time to get into the pimping of her pictures. Editing plays a big role in Paulas work. It 's her way of tweaking and enhancing her pictures even more. She is fascinated with the endless possibilities to play around with. Enhancing the beauty of the model is just a mere side effect: Something way more creative is happening here.

She is one of those rare visual artists, that carry their creativity in a casual manner as well as fully exerting their potential in a professional set up. A Nutella toast has the same amazing attraction as queer model Helena (Instagram: panic_maniac), and they can coexist perfectly well next to each other on Paulas Instagram.

Photos: Paula Nietner

Hair and Make Up: Elisa Sankowski

Styling: Kira Sarem

Model: Helena

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